Moon City: A Limbus Inc Novel

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Published On January 8, 2017 » 1315 Views» By admin » Novels


Dean Fulsome, once a modest slaughterhouse worker, is now Limbus Inc’s director of Solar System operations. A series of horrendous murders on remote Moon City forces Dean to put his life on hold and take an interstellar transport far from his normal jurisdiction to lead an investigation.

The victims are a rare species of alien known as the Deitii. Rumors suggest they share genetics with the entity that created all known universes.


As more of the Deitii show up dead, the unknown killer in Moon City starts possessing shocking godlike powers, making him nearly unstoppable even for Limbus Inc’s most seasoned assassins.

Dean is no hired assassin or mercenary, and yet he may be the only one in Moon City who can save the universe from a terrifying new power. Strength, cunning and intelligence will not be enough however. In order to beat this kind of enemy, Dean will need to make sacrifices that may very well haunt him for the rest of his life.


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