Bloody Yummy

Crazy furry monster

Once upon a time– well actually it’s still going on– so, let’s start over.

There is a land with no written words. Stories are the most prized possession among its inhabitants, the Yummy Devils. They have excellent story-listening horns. In fact they can hear stories from around the galaxy. They don’t listen to words or language, because they don’t understand it, but they listen to the hearts…

Of the book readers, of the movie watchers, of the music listeners.

They take the essence of all tales told and shared.

The Yummy Devils don’t have a language. They only use their mouths for food and drink. They are excellent cooks.

Here you will find the recipes they’ve shared to celebrate the Earth stories they came to love.

Experience them. Share them. Read. Watch. Eat. Drink. Be happy. Be Bloody Yummy.



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